• hello! I am Rahul.

    About Me

    Hey, I am Rahul, and I am a designer, developer, manager, geek, adventurer among many things more

    What am I up to?

    I am studying to get my Masters in Computer Science Degree from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

  • works my Portfolio

    Lakshya Global Logistics

    Client: Lakshya Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

    Project: Website / Internal Web Application (Freight Tracking, Invoicing)

    DBIT Alumni Website / App

    Client: DBIT Alumni

    Project: Website for Alumni of Don Bosco Institute of Technology.

    BMC Aadhar Website / App

    Client: Muncipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM aka BMC)

    Project: Website / Internal administrative web app for BMC to manage SHGs.

    Adhunik Transport Website

    Client: Adhunik Transport Organizaion Ltd

    Project: Website for the freight transportation provider organization.

    DBIT EXTC Department Website

    Client: Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication

    Project: Website for college EXTC department

    NSS, Mumbai University Website

    Client: National Service Scheme, Mumbai University

    Project: Website for National Service Scheme (NSS), Mumbai University

    Maharashtra Nature Park Website/App

    Client: Maharashtra Nature Park

    Project: Nature Website / Online Scheduling / Appointment / Ticketing Application

    ACM Teknack Package

    Client: Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), Students Chapter, DBIT, Teknack

    Project: Complete Web Site / App. / Logo / Branding, etc.

    SHC India Website / App

    Client: System House Consultants

    Project: Website, Web Application (Online COBOL-PHP systems integration)

    Expert Driving School Website

    Client: Expert Motor Driving School

    Project: Multi-Lingual Website for the Motor Driving School, Advertizements and Animations

    DBIT CSI Website

    Client: Computer Society of India (CSI), Don Bosco Institute of Technology (DBIT), Students Chapter

    Project: Website for CSI DBIT Students chapter

    NSS, Maharashtra State Website

    Client: National Service Scheme, Maharashtra State Division

    Project: Website for National Service Scheme (NSS), Maharashtra State Division (mentored).
    • Lakshya Logistics Website

    • DBIT Alumni Website/App

    • BMC Aadhar Website/App

    • ATOL Website

    • DBIT EXTC Department Website

    • NSS, Mumbai University Website

    • Maharashtra Nature Park Website/App

    • ACM Teknack Complete Package

    • SHC India Website/App

    • Expert Driving School Website

    • CSI DBIT Website

    • NSS Maharashtra State Website

  • ServicesWhat can I do for you?


    I have graduated with Masters in Computer Science Degree from University of North Carolina at Charlotte & I am looking for interesting full-time positions.

    If you are a recruiter, you can email me at rahulisola {at} gmail.com

  • SkillsMy top skills


    Java / J2EE


    Web: HTML, JS, CSS


    Media Design (PPT, Video)

    See all my skills:

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    Email: rahulisola {at} gmail {dot} com

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  • WorksWhat have I been doing?





    Other Projects


  • PublicationsMy research experience

    Research Experience (Research Internship at CSRE, IIT Bombay)

    1) Automated Differential Diagnosis in Medical Systems

    2) Geo-ICT and sensor Network based Decision Support Systems in Agriculture and Environment Assessment (Indo-Japan bilateral Collaborative project)

    Journal Papers:
    Knowledge Discovery in Medical Systems Using Differential Diagnosis, LAMSTAR & k-NN, IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine

    Conference Papers:

    1) MediQuery - An automated Medical Decision Support System, 24th International Symposium on Computer Based Medical Systems (CBMS) 2011, University of West of England, Bristol, UK

    2) Automated Differential Diagnosis in Medical Systems using Neural Networks, kNN and SOM, Developments in e-Systems Engineering (DeSE' 2011), British University in Dubai, Dubai, UAE

  • PatentsMy patents

    Medical Diagnosis via Communication Networks

    o India 3515/MUM/2012
    o Abstract:
    The invention describes the hardware and software for a doctor to perform a single step computer aided diagnosis. The invention describes how on entering a particular set of symptoms or diseases along with some identifiers a diagnosis involving best of course of treatment and prescription is generated. The invention solves the problems in medical diagnosis like identifying rare diseases, identifying multiple diseases with similar symptoms and providing differential diagnosis.
  • Other ProjectsThese include my personal non-commercial projects


    o Description: An Android face recognition and tracking application
    o Platform: Android 4.0.3 (ICS)


    o Description: Web application using various algorithms (self made) for stock-market prediction
    o Platform: PHP, AJAX, Web Services etc.

    LiRA: Lower Limb Rehabilitation Assist

    o Description: Real-time Online Monitoring & Control of Biomechanical knee rehabilitation robot. The robot has a web based control (it can be controlled from anywhere in the world) for a knee rehabilitation machine. The online system gives various physiotherapeutic exercises according to the feedback sensed from the patient response, which the doctor can monitor sitting anywhere in the world with internet access.
    o Platform: Mechanical Engineering, Intelligent Robotics, Arduino Microcontroller.