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MCGM is committed towards making Mumbai a Gender Friendly city. Aadhar is one such initiative which is dedicated towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. All India Institute of Local Self Government is anchoring this project for Mumbai city.


The Aadhar Kendras are expected to perform the following roles-

· As a platform for the display and sale of the products made by the beneficiaries under various poverty alleviation programmes.

· It will host Livelihood Promotion Programmes which will provide a bouquet of demand based skill training programme to the needy youth from Urban Poor Category.

· As a Service Centre which will act as a bridge between the trained but unemployed youth and the community wherein their services are required as Plumbers, Electricians, Cooks, etc.

The project is coupled to ensure its sustainability through its Citizen Facilitation Centre as one window system to provide payment of property tax, water bill etc., and issuance of birth / death certificate.


Aadhar’s main activities…

Marketing Support

· Aadhar will provide marketing support and provide a platform for the display and sale of the products made/supplied by the urban poor. Urban poor would be BPL families who belong to socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the society. Aadhar Kendra would also provide support to slum dwellers, HIV infected persons, people with disabilities, widows of defence personnel, homeless families etc and organisations working for the welfare of such vulnerable sections of the society from all over India.

· The products available in Aadhar are- Kashida fabrics, Arti-facts, gift items, Jewellery, Pottery, Leather items, Paintings, Stationery, Greetings, Toys, Potted plants, Wooden-carving items, Perfumes and grocery

· Aadhar will give Capacity Building support to these individuals/groups with regard to- designing and packaging of the products. It will also tie up with institutional buyers

Livelihood Promotion Programme

· Livelihood Promotion programme will offer a variety of skill training programmes for the urban poor.

These training programmes will be tailor-made to meet the market requirements.

The activities undertaken by the Livelihood Promotion Programme are:

· Market scan to identify demand of skills in the market.

· Mobilisation of beneficiaries from the deprived sections.

· Organization of demand based training programs in various sectors such as Hospitality,

Bedside Patient Attendant, Customer Relations Support, IT Enabled services etc.

· Facilitation for Employment after training

· Preparation of a Resource directory of employers and employees

Seva Kenrdra

· Seva Kendra will prepare an inventory of skilled manpower available in the community. Aadhar Kendra will make this inventory available in the form of a directory and also put it on the web.

Citizen Facilitation Centre

Following services are available at Aadhar CFC-

· Payment of property tax, water bill,

· Issuance of birth/death certificate etc.

· Other services.