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Corporate Social Responsibility

Empowering lives by nurturing…

Lakshya Logistics Ltd. is committed to making a positive contribution to the social fabric of the environment. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives extend beyond plain philanthropy, towards greater sustainability. And to this end, we are supporting many educational and sport-related initiatives, with active participation from our employees.
Achieving sustainable development - economically, socially and environmentally - is our goal as we strive to give back to the community that we operate in. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives extend across areas such as:
The primary focus of our CSR initiatives, we believe that every child deserves a chance to learn and discover the opportunities that the world has to offer. We have been actively involved in Setting up a school in Koproli, in close proximity to our JNPT CFS.
Lending a helping hand to the 'The Akanksha Foundation', a non-profit organization with the vision to equip the less-privileged amongst us with the education, skills and character they need to lead empowered lives.
Extending timely financial aid for medical emergencies through our trust - the J Ansheel Foundation.
Contributing towards building the Pircon School, in one of our CFS regions.
Sport is a universal language that crosses boundaries and Lakshya Logistics Ltd. is always glad to extend a hand in support of young talent. Our initiatives include Sponsorship of an aspiring athlete Piyush Sharma from Rajasthan, who had an ambitious dream to become the first Asian to accomplish the feat of crossing the English Channel (two-ways). We extended all support to encourage him in his endeavour.
At Lakshya Logistics Ltd., we constantly endeavor to follow the best practices in Safety and Training to ensure that our people, our customers, our equipment and the environment around us are always protected, safe and healthy. Safety and Training is one of the key initiatives undertaken at the Equipment Division, as we organize regular and mandatory safety training programs, with awards for 'Best Safety Practices'.
Care & Responsibility - investing in the future
In addition to regular and planned initiatives, we also extend aid as and when the need arises. We have made our humble contributions to the Bihar Relief fund.
At Lakshya Logistics Ltd., we see our CSR initiatives as intrinsic to our business and will continue giving back to society as a whole.