Deep Logistics and Technical Expertise:

In business since 1969, we've had the luxury of building a company staffed with many logistics and technical experts.
Many on the Lakshya team come from large, well-established software, supply chain, and carrier companies, including IBM, Pitney Bowes, DHL, Ryder Integrated Logistics, and UPS. But we are not all about big name backgrounds. Some of our employees were previously customers. Their hands-on logistics experience provides extra insight into the day-to-day needs of your distribution center.
You will find that our technical employees are iSeries programming experts. Lakshya's professional services team averages over 15 years of programming experience.
We have put our expertise to work improving the shipping processes of some of the most sophisticated shippers in the country. We are experienced in fully automated distribution centers, radio frequency processes, and extensive drop-ship vendor networks.

Our experts can help you remap your entire logistics process and estimate your ROI. As part of our ROI analysis we: