Lakshya Logistics Planning key advantages & benefits:
Flexibility - Lakshya fully adapts to your specific needs and business rules and supports your future growth - including KPIs, functionality, business processes, constraints, and front-end interface.
Transparency - With full transparency of distribution processes and KPIs, managers, planners and dispatchers can establish a reliable, optimized distribution network that offers accurate delivery time slots to customers.
Control - The powerful artificial intelligence built into the Lakshya delivers optimized plans but still allows your experienced planners and dispatchers to adjust suggested plans to accommodate last-minute changes.
Scalability - The Lakshya handles massive volumes of data, providing optimized plans in exceptionally short timeframes.
Comprehensive Transportation and Logistics Planning Solutions

The Lakshya experience includes:
Network Planning Perform strategic, tactical and operational planning of your distribution network, using your specific rules, constraints and KPIs and "what if" scenarios.
Empty Repositioning Solve imbalances and manage empty containers with optimized, intermodal transportation plans.
Load Planning Maximize the utilization of your containers and trailers and significantly reduce transportation costs.
Maintenance Planning Plan your maintenance so that it is performed at the best time, in the optimal location, and with the lowest possible costs, while making best use of your resources.
Execution Management Efficiently handle unexpected events with exceptional decision support that suggests alternative plans and reduces operational costs.
Terminal Planning Increase terminal throughput by optimizing yard and equipment utilization, scheduling workforce, and planning for future growth.
Distribution Center Planning Maximize the efficiency of your distribution center by planning docks, load sequences, and resources.
Parcel Pick Up & Delivery Offer differentiated delivery services with precise time slots, improve productivity, and lower cost of ownership.