About Us:

Our Quality Policy:

Lakshya Logistics offers high quality and reliable transport and logistics solutions in accordance with client's requirements.

The policy of the Company is to place a high emphasis on quality and to take all necessary steps to create an environment where we provide our clients with service levels above their expectations through feedback and communication.

Lakshya Logistics is a Quality Conscious Organisation with the following objectives:

--> To provide open and honest dialogue in order to create and build long standing relationships

--> To monitor and record non-compliances and show pro-active solutions to prevent reoccurrence

--> To seek out opportunities to improve, identify and develop new solutions

--> To be at the forefront of IT development to provide customers with high level information

--> To provide suitable training programmes to ensure efficient response to our clients

--> To create an environment where our employees feel free to use their knowledge and experience to develop solutions aimed at improving customer satisfaction

--> By monitoring Key suppliers Lakshya Logistics is able to ensure compliance of their total logistics chain

Lakshya Logistics is committed to continue to monitor and develop its Quality systems in the future