About Us:

Why Lakshya?

Intend to be a professional logistics service provider on a global basis.

Focus on and capability to manage critical and complex warehousing operations.

Is willing to deploy requisite expertise, experience and technology in our business.

Is willing to invest in infrastructure requirements demanded of the business.

Ability to focus on and manage local requirements for manpower sourcing, I.R., statutory compliance and welfare etc.

Focused on meeting customers' requirements with absolute transparency.

Professional and expert management will enable lakshya to release valuable managerial resources from warehouse / transport activity and to focus on customer satisfaction.

Ability to partner & extend services such as transportation management & order management.

Agile and lean organization allowing shorter communication channels, enabling to take prompt action and be flexible to changing business dynamics.

Intends to focus on Warehousing / SCM / Logistics solutions and packaging solutions and consolidation utilizing multi-modal air, sea and rail connectivity.