Adhunik Transport Organization Ltd. - History

Set up as a small trucking business in 19xx, ATOL has shifted gears to become one of the largest & most reliable Transportation companies in India. The founder of the company Mr. _________ started the company in _________. After this, the company grew steadily to a sizeable business of about Rs. xxx Crores (Rs. xxx Million) and xxx offices by 2012. Quality, Integrity and Social responsibility are the values that he practiced, preached and imbibed in the culture of ATOL.

During the 1990s ATOL achieved great growth to a network of more than xx offices all over India and revenues of Rs. xxx Crores (Rs. xxx billion) under the dynamic leadership of Mr. _____.

The company is now equipped to provide a complete transportation solutions for any domestic requirement. With more than xx offices all over India and a highly competent management team, supported by the knowledge of the company's xxx-people strong family, ATOL has become one of the most sought after Transportation companies in India.